The influence of social media in our lives has been immense. However, what is taking the younger generation by storm nowadays is the effects of dating applications letting individuals experience some fun in their dull mundane lives. Transition of applications to mobile technology has further escalated their popularity.

There is an enormous plethora of dating applications available over the platform of android and iOS today. Yet, some have managed to create a place for them sooner than expected. While 99 percent of the applications are conventional that involves girls and guys looking for perspective dates, Lollipop gay video chat application is something unconventional.

Yes, as the name suggest being the first ever kind of mobile app that allows dating between gay partners, it is making a lot of heads turn out both in appreciation and criticism!

Getting familiar with the App

Being a dating cum video chat application, Lollipop lets gay partners connect with each other from your locality, city or country. As a matter of surprise, all this happens for free! Yes, the application is available both at the Android as well as ITunes store free of cost. Download Lollipop easily without spending bucks to explore the world of video chatting like never before!

Download Lollipop

Dating in India is a taboo and when it comes to Gay dating, things surely don’t seem favourable. In such a scenario, Lollipop application is doing its bit and is commendable step that needs to be appreciated.

Features of the App

  • Discover friends: The app lets you connect with strangers using “Find and Chat” feature of the application.
  • Video Chatting: Unlike apprehensions that come with maintaining anonymity, you can directly video chat with a person when interested.
  • Messaging: Just like any other message based application, Lollypop lets you add friends to your contact list and initiate a conversation. You can even block pesky strangers giving you the full control to build your own network of friends.
  • The Location Finder: This feature lets you discover and find people from nearby areas. Going in for a movie? Find a man near you and begin something exciting!
  • The Match Finder:Instead of just randomly showing you prospects, Lollipop works on some match making algorithm that maps likes and interest and then finds a partner suitable for you! Quite an impressive feature!
  • Though the application is natively of Indonesian origin, it is globally available at the mobile platform of android and iOS.
  • Further, the application lets you share contacts from your various social networking groups including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, snapchat etc.

Working on cross platform technology, the application does not prompt you to set up a new account for its use alone. You can always link your already created Facebook and Twitter accounts and begin using the application instantly. The positive reviews and high number of downloads are a proof that the app is slowly becoming popular and has a lot to offer its users!